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Work Health & Safety

We can help you become compliant & reduce the WHS burden. 


Decrease the Paperwork!

Our WHS services include:

  • compliant documentation

  • site audits

  • risk assessments & action plans

  • staff training

  • internal investigations into WHS breaches and incidents. 

  • drugs & alcohol 

  • induction

  • SWMS & JSAs

  • employee stress & bullying

  • dealing with RTWSA & SafeworkSA

Human Resources

The HR service for SMEs who don't need their own HR dept.  


Let us help you manage your staff!


We can assist you with:

  • recruitment & termination

  • managing difficult employees & misconduct

  • bullying & harassment issues

  • FWA compliant disciplinary processes. 

  • HR policies, procedures and forms

  • appraisal & disciplinary meetings

  • dealing with FWA


As WHS consultants in South Australia, we can assist you to put in place practical policies and procedures required to develop a safe workplace for your employees. By systematically addressing hazards in the workplace and documenting the systems you use, you can also provide evidence of compliance with your legal requirements as a small business.

WHS legislation in South Australia requires all businesses to take action to address hazards in the workplace in a systematic manner and to document their policies and procedures as evidence of compliance. Without documentation of your systems, and any incidents, you can't provide evidence of compliance if a worker’s compensation claim arises – whether for a physical or psychological injury. No business can afford to be complacent about WHS.  Many businesses have minimal or no WHS systems in place, or have “bought in” policies - hoping they are compliant and relevant.

Developing your WHS system

As experienced consultants to SMEs and worker's compensation investigators, we have a particular interest in assisting SMEs to manage their workplace health and safety requirements. This does not have to be a daunting or expensive task. Using practical and manageable tools for small businesses, we can assist you in:

  • understanding the requirements

  • developing appropriate systems (policies and procedures)

  • identifying hazards both general and specific to your workplace

  • undertaking a WHS risk assessment of those hazards

  • developing control systems to address hazards

  • developing your WHS action plan to ensure that controls are in place, being followed and regular risk assessment is taking place

  • dealing with HR issues to make sure staff comply with your WHS policies and procedures



Human Resource Systems and Compliance

Employing people is necessary for business growth however many SMEs find managing people one of the most difficult issues they face. Poor management practice and a lack of compliant human resources policies and procedures often result in FairWork claims or worker's compensation stress claims. We can assist you with the development of compliant recruitment, performance appraisal, performance management and disciplinary policies and procedures to minimise the risks associated with managing staff.


Having in place appropriate systems to deal with employee grievances and complaints can have a significant difference as to whether or not workers compensation or fair work claim is lodged.

Our licensed investigators can also undertake professional independent workplace investigations into WHS incidents, bullying and/or harassment complaints or other incidents in your workplace. Read More >>

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