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Desktop & Skip Tracing

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Corporate & Legal

Desktop Investigation

Online searches conducted to find people and gather information about them.

Skip and beneficiary tracing

​Skip tracing is the process of locating a person that has “skipped town” or has gone missing. This service can be used to locate anyone from a debtor, a loved one, a friend or someone listed on a will.

Pre-employment checks

HHRS can provide you with pre-employment checks to verify the credentials and integrity of a potential employee. We will check that the claims on their resume and job application are true and accurate.

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Family or Individual

Locate missing persons

At Henderson Horrocks Risk Services, our team of licensed professional investigators can help you find ​someone who is missing. We understand that these situations can require sensitivity and our investigators act with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. We can assist you in finding lost loved ones, beneficiaries, abducted children and more.


Child support

Is your child's other parent working for cash to avoid their child support payments? Do you believe they are not being completely honest about their income? Our team will conduct a thorough investigation to find any information you may need to build a case.

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