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Workplace investigations can be crucial to the successful resolution of a complaint or the defence of a legal claim, like unfair dismissal, against your business. Conducting an internal workplace investigation into an incident or allegation of employee misconduct can be complex.

We are members of the SA Government's Worplace Investigation Services Panel, so you can feel confident that we have the specialist staff and quality systems in place to ensure discrete, professional and high quality investigations.

We conduct independent, impartial workplace investigation services, delivered by Licenced Investigators, to ensure your investigation is thorough AND procedurally fair. Specialising in injury, bullying, harassment, governance and employee theft investigations.



We provide discrete, independent and professional workplace investigations into bullying , theft and other HR related matters. Prompt investigation can rapidly identify what the underlying workplace issues are and what strategies can be used to address them. Many claims can be avoided if employers thoroughly and fairly investigate complaints made by employees about bullying or unfairness in the workplace

Our investigators are able to undertake independent and professional investigations into a range of workplace issues, from bullying and harassment through to fraud and embezzlement.


It is your responsibility to provide employees with an environment free from bullying, discrimination, harassment and unfair actions on behalf of management or other employees. You must make sure, as an employer, that you have systems in place to minimise the likelihood of bullying and harassment in the workplace. Although, these requirements are detailed in a wide variety of employment related legislation, they are also a requirement of work health and safety legislation as they assist in providing a healthy and safe work environment. Thus they can help avoid both a worker’s compensation claim for a psychological injury and a fair work claim.


Australian courts and tribunals have made it very clear, time and time again, that it is the employer’s responsibility to take employee concerns regarding bullying or other unfair behaviour in the workplace seriously and to actively investigate those concerns. All too often, employers dismiss or downplay legitimate employee concerns, resulting in fines and other serious financial costs, as well as the loss of extremely productive and capable staff.


Workplace investigation into bullying, unfair or unethical/dishonest behaviour often results in the identification of changes required to your management systems as well as training and other professional development to educate staff on acceptable behaviour in the workplace. By combining factual investigation techniques with our experience in management consultancy, we can work with you to ensure the systems are in place to minimise the likelihood of further issues arising.


Education is key as many supervisors and other employees are unaware that their behaviour can have a serious detrimental effect to the mental health of other employees and often assumed that “it is all in jest” or that the other employee “cannot take a joke”.

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