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Factual Investigation Services


Our team operates in all parts of SA and the NT. We are part of an Australasian network of investigators, allowing us to follow an investigation wherever it may lead.

We aim to provide our clients with reliable and comprehensive information, delivered in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner. We tailor our investigative service to suit your needs. Where practicable, our investigators personally present the report to our client. Where appropriate, we advise clients of future risk exposures and risk minimisation strategies. We offer Corporate and Legal, Insurance, and Family or Individual investigation services.

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Corporate & Legal
  • Factual investigations

  • Statement taking

  • Workplace investigations

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Workers compensation

Insurance Agent
  • General insurance

  • Workers compensation

  • CTP

  • Personal injury

  • Income protection

Our clients are government agencies, businesses, insurance companies,  not-for-profits and individuals.   

Corporate & Legal

Our team of experienced and licensed investigators can provide you with a variety of professional investigative services.

Factual Investigations

When you need a comprehensive breakdown of an incident or accident to be able to make an informed decision or for use in legal proceedings, our factual investigation services are what you're looking for. We specialise in workplace investigations including bullying and harassment.

Workplace investigations and Workers compensation

We conduct independent, impartial factual and surveillance investigation services, delivered by Licenced Investigators, to ensure your investigation is thorough AND procedurally fair. Specialising in injury management, bullying, harassment, governance and employee theft investigations.

Statement taking

As part of our factual investigations, we take statements of witnesses to accidents and incidents related to the matter at hand. Statements are generally presented as a transcript of an audio recording or as a narrative statement. Every statement is signed by the witness to confirm that it is true and correct. These can be used for any factual investigation from internal workplace investigations to legal court proceedings.

Morning Rush Hour



We offer investigative services for a range of insurance requirements.

General insurance

Henderson Horrocks Risk Services can offer independent and reliable information to insurers. This ensures that informed decisions regarding the validity of claims can be made. All our investigators are well versed with the insurance investigation process and can help with claims where you suspect possible fraud, misrepresentations, exaggerations, and non-disclosures.

We offer investigations into the following types of claims:

  • Travel

  • Burglary & fire

  • General liability

  • Recovery

  • CTP accident investigations

  • Income protection & life insurance

  • Psychological injury

  • Psychiatric injury

  • WorkCover claims

  • Motor vehicle theft

  • Property loss

Workers compensation

The team at HHRS are extensively experienced and trained in workers compensation investigation. With backgrounds in various fields, our investigators are well equipped to assist you with all of the following:

  • initial liability claims

  • psychological & psychiatric

  • stress injury claims

  • common law claims

  • recovery claims

  • contribution claims

  • fraud detection

Compulsory Third Party (CTP)

Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance ensures those injured by a motor vehicle have some financial support/medical coverage and covers the driver of the vehicle from claims of compensation. It is compulsory insurance that is paid each time the vehicle is registered. CTP investigations occur when more information about the incident or injury is required. These investigations generally include factual or surveillance investigations.

Income protection

Income Protection Insurance helps financially cover individuals and their families in specific circumstances. If the insurance company suspects potential fraud is being committed, they may use an investigator to look into the claimant and the validity of their claim.  Insurance Companies also utilise the services of Investigators to obtain information and updates from individuals regarding their current situation, injury prognosis, likelihood of returning to their substantive position or to seek alternative work suitable to their condition. Our investigators are experienced in income protection insurance investigations including both surveillance and factual investigations.

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Corporate & Legal
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