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Are you really talking to Fair Work?

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

A client recenty searched for and contacted what they thought was Fair Work Australia for some advice, and was provided with incorrect advice. Not knowing this at the time, they subsequently agreed to a visit, only to find it was NOT Fair Work they were talking

to but a private "subscription" HR company. Scare tactics were used and the client was told information contrary to the information provided on the Fair Work site. They were also told that they would put themselves at risk of having an "uncapped" court claim made and that, if that happened, the court would "100%" find them at fault. But if they subscribed ... This is not consulting, this is selling and using scare tactics at that.

Be careful - if you want help from Fair Work make sure the link you click on takes you to the Fair Work Site - the site looks like the image above. Many private businesses use URLs that include "fairwork"in the domain name. They do this to get you to contact them instead.

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